About Quartzite

Wide Variety in Showroom

Midwest Specialty Products Stone Showroom in Shakopee MN. Quartz, Soapstone, Quartzite, Lapitec.

Midwest Specialty Products prides ourselves on carrying a large variety of quartzite. This distinctive stone is quickly growing in popularity. From very marble like whites, browns, greens, blues and grays and even a sleek black, we have both colorful movement and soft hues to personalize your project.

Quartzite Characteristics

Eiger Alps Quartzite. Natural Stone found in our stone showroom. Midwest Specialty Products.

Quartzite comes in an array of vibrant colors, movement and textures. This natural stone is composed primarily of quartz a very hard mineral which makes your countertop very difficult to scratch.  Quartzite can be as beautiful as marble but without the same scratching, etching and staining issues.


Why Choose MSP Quartzite

White Quartzite. Natural Stone found in our showroom. Midwest Specialty Products.

We carefully select the most luxurious and beautiful stones from quarries in Brazil . Our showroom offers not only a large variety but takes the time to educate about maintaining natural stone for your application. 

Newest quartzites in stock

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