About Our Soapstone

Large Selection


We carry four different types of soapstone that each vary in color, veining and character. MSP has one of the largest selections in the Midwest. Walk through aisles upon aisles of natural beauty.

Soapstone Characteristics


With a soap-like feel, this soft stone is a 4 on Moh's Scale of hardness. Small scratches can be expected however most are rectified by applying wax or mineral oil. Soapstone is chemically inert and does not require sealing,

Maintaining Soapstone


Soapstone is beautiful both in its natural untouched state and upon using wax or mineral oil. This stone has a natural darkening and patina over time. Please inquire about any maintenance questions you may have!

Soapstone in our Showroom

About Our Soapstone

We work with a variety of quarries throughout the world and in the United States to bring in the very best products. 

Soapstone is a non- porous natural stone that is quarried like granite. This material has a unique smooth and warm feel to it, as well as a matte non-gloss finish. We stock multiple types of soapstone that show black or green both with or without veining.

Our warehouse has one of the largest selections in the Midwest. 


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To learn more, please feel free to call or email in to speak with one of our knowledgeable staff members. 

We recommend coming in to see the wide selection of soapstone and hand select your exact slab(s) for your project.

Soapstone Kitchen

Check out this video of installed soapstone countertops!